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Holiday cottage and bed & breakfast with heated swimming pool


Location of our holiday rentals

Our holiday cottage and our bed and breakfast are located in Dordogne, in the golden triangle of PĆ©rigord Noir (black PĆ©rigord), in the hamlet of Mons, Archignac village.
Archignac is part of the Pays de FĆ©nelon community of communes.

Housed in the heart of the PĆ©rigord Noir, between Sarlat, Lascaux caves, Saint Amand de Coly Abbey, in a small quiet hamlet surrounded by nature, halfway between Saint GeniĆØs Castle and the Eyrignac gardens, you discover a real corner of paradise where it is good to live. You will be enchanted by the charm and tranquility of our gite and our guest rooms.

Hosts Introduction...

Sensitive to the environment, calm, well-being, respect and environmentally responsible gestures, caring, empathy, and concerned with local life, we would like to share our love for the Dordogne and offer you our best experiences, share moments of conviviality and exchanges...

Our Values

Happy vacationers who have a good time with family or friends. These are the rewards that drive our sense of welcome and service.

Welcome to our house !

We will be happy to welcome you to our holiday cottage and our charming bed and breakfast and remain available for any further information.

Archignac Perigord Dordogne

Archignac in the Dordogne in the PĆ©rigord noir

Nouvelle Aquitaine Dordogne PĆ©rigord Noir Pays de FĆ©nelon

A cottage and bed and breakfast located near towns and villages of the PĆ©rigord

  • BelvĆØs - 50 min (48,6 km)
  • Beynac - 33 min (33 km)
  • Castelnaud la Chapelle - 39 min (36,6 km)
  • Domme - 37 min (34,5 km)
  • La Roque Gageac - 35 min (32,2 km)
  • Les Eyzies - 34 min (30 km)
  • Montignac Lascaux - 18 min (14 km)
  • Peyzac le Moustier - 33 min (25 km)
  • Rocamadour - 53 min (45,5 km)
  • Salignac Eyvigues - 13 min (8,3 km)
  • Sarlat - 24 min (19,6 km)
  • Sireuil - 28 min (26 km)
  • Souillac - 30 min (26 km)
  • Terrasson Lavilledieu - 20 min (18,9 km)
  • Tursac - 36 min (32,1 km)
  • VĆ©zac - 314 min (30 km)
  • Villefranche du PĆ©rigord - 1 h 6 min (64,8 km)
  • Discover the holiday cottage and bed and breakfast in Dordogne in the PĆ©rigord noir

    Your vacation rental, exceptional guest house, for rent between individuals, in New Aquitaine !


    For your holidays choose the Dordogne, choose the PĆ©rigord!

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    šŸ” Mons & Merveilles - holiday rentals - Dordogne, PĆ©rigord noir

    Charming Cottage and Bed and breakfast with swimming-pool in Dordogne PĆ©rigord, in Archignac Aquitaine

    Mons & Merveilles holiday rentals

    Which accommodation to choose for a holiday in the Dordogne, in the PĆ©rigord?

    There are many reasons to choose the PĆ©rigord region in Dordogne as a vacation destination. The area is rich in history, with prehistoric caves and medieval castles to explore. The stunning natural beauty of the region is also a major draw, with picturesque villages, rolling hills, and winding rivers. Foodies will love the local cuisine, which features truffles, foie gras, and other gourmet delights. And with a mild climate and plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking, canoeing, and cycling, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Overall, the PĆ©rigord region offers a unique and unforgettable vacation experience. Mons et Merveilles, ideally located, meets your expectations.

    Why do travellers prefer the Mons & Merveilles cottage and B&B in Archignac Dordogne?

    Travellers particularly appreciate:

    • The hospitality and friendliness of the hosts: Guests often appreciate the warm welcome and friendliness of the hosts, who may provide helpful tips on the local area.
    • The charm and comfort of the rooms: Guests may appreciate the tastefully decorated rooms and the comfort of the beds.
    • The breakfast: Guests may enjoy the delicious and hearty breakfast served.
    • The location: Guests may appreciate the guest house's picturesque and peaceful setting, often surrounded by nature and offering a relaxing escape from the PĆ©rigord noir.
    • The cleanliness: Guests may appreciate the cleanliness and upkeep of the rooms and communal spaces.
    It is also advisable to book well in advance

    Why choose PĆ©rigord in the Dordogne as a holiday destination?

    The PĆ©rigord Noir (Black PĆ©rigord) region of Dordogne offers a unique and unforgettable experience. The area is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and culinary delights. From charming villages and historic towns to prehistoric caves and medieval castles, there is no shortage of things to see and do. The region is also famous for its truffles, foie gras, and other gourmet delicacies, making it a paradise for foodies. From traditional holiday cottages and bed & breakfast, visitors can find the perfect accommodation to suit their needs. Overall, renting in the PĆ©rigord Noir region offers an authentic and immersive vacation experience in one of the most beautiful parts of France. Mons & Merveilles nestled in the heart of the black PĆ©rigord (PĆ©rigord noir) will allow you to fully enjoy all these attractions.

    Where to rent in the PĆ©rigord?

    In Archignac in the heart of the golden triangle of PĆ©rigord Noir because it means treating yourself to a wonderful holiday in one of the most beautiful regions of France. You will be able to discover historical sites, picturesque villages classified as the most beautiful in France, local markets and enjoy the many outdoor activities. You will also be ideally located to explore the famous caves of Lascaux, the many castles in the region and the magnificent medieval town of Sarlat. Finally, you will enjoy the local gastronomy and the friendliness of the inhabitants for an unforgettable holiday.

    How to organize my stay in the PĆ©rigord Noir?

    Organizing a stay in the PĆ©rigord Noir can be an amazing experience, as this region of France is rich in history, culture, and local cuisine. Here are some tips to help you organize your trip:

    • Determine your travel dates: PĆ©rigord Noir is a popular destination in the summer, so it's recommended to book your accommodation in advance. However, the region is also beautiful in the fall and winter, so don't hesitate to consider an off-season trip.
    • Choose your accommodation: PĆ©rigord Noir offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from luxury hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts and rural cottages. The choice depends on your budget and preferences.
    • Plan your visits: PĆ©rigord Noir has many tourist sites, such as the prehistoric caves of Lascaux, the castles of Castelnaud and Beynac, the suspended gardens of Marqueyssac, the medieval town of Sarlat, etc. Plan your visits based on your interests.
    • Discover local gastronomy: PĆ©rigord Noir is famous for its local cuisine, including foie gras, truffles, duck confit, walnuts, and Bergerac wines. Take advantage of your stay to taste these culinary specialties in local restaurants or markets.
    • Participate in local events: As mentioned earlier, PĆ©rigord Noir offers many cultural events throughout the year. Check the dates and events taking place during your stay and participate to discover the local culture.
    • Explore picturesque villages: PĆ©rigord Noir is also known for its picturesque villages, such as Beynac, Domme, La Roque-Gageac, Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, and many more. Take the time to stroll through these villages to discover their charm and history.
    By following these tips, you will be able to organize an unforgettable trip to PĆ©rigord Noir.

    What to do in PĆ©rigord Noir?

    • Visit the Lascaux Caves: These famous prehistoric caves located in Montignac were discovered in 1940 and contain rock paintings dating back over 17,000 years.
    • Discover the castles: PĆ©rigord Noir is a region that has many medieval castles, such as the Beynac Castle, the Castelnaud Castle, or the Hautefort Castle.
    • Explore typical villages: The region is famous for its picturesque stone villages, such as La Roque-Gageac, Domme, or Beynac-et-Cazenac.
    • Explore gardens: The Marqueyssac gardens or the gardens of the Manoir d'Eyrignac are beautiful French-style gardens located in the region, offering spectacular views of the Dordogne Valley.
    • Taste the local cuisine: PĆ©rigord Noir is known for its gastronomy, with local products such as foie gras, truffles, wine, and cheese. It is possible to do tastings and visit local producers to learn more about the production of these products.
    • Canoeing and kayaking: The Dordogne River also offers many opportunities for canoeing and kayaking, allowing you to discover the landscape from the water.
    • Cycling: The PĆ©rigord Noir is also an ideal region for cycling, with many quiet country roads and plenty of hills to climb.
    • Hot air ballooning: The PĆ©rigord noir is also an ideal region for hot air ballooning with its sumptuous landscapes.
    • Hiking on the trails: PĆ©rigord Noir is an ideal region for hiking, with many marked trails through the hills and forests. You can walk along the Dordogne River or explore the many trails in the area.
    • Visit prehistoric caves: Les Eyzies-de-Tayac is a village known as the capital of prehistory, with many caves and rock shelters that were inhabited by prehistoric humans for thousands of years.
    • Amusement parks: For those looking for more playful activities, there are several amusement parks in the region, such as Le Bournat or Jacquou Parc water park.
    • Local markets: The region has many local markets where you can discover local products and regional crafts, such as the Sarlat market or the Domme market.
    These are just a few of the many activities you can do in PĆ©rigord Noir. The region offers a wealth of discoveries and activities to satisfy all tastes GĆ©raldine and Eric will be there to advise you!

    What differentiates a cottage from a bed and breakfast?

    A cottage is a holiday accommodation, apartment or house offered for rent where you are totally independent because fully equipped. In contrast, in a bed and breakfast the guests stay in a private room with private bathroom and are provided with breakfast. The owner is also usually on hand to offer advice and recommendations on local attractions and activities. Overall, while both options offer a unique and authentic experience of French culture, a cottage is better suited for independent travelers who want more privacy and flexibility, while a bed and breakfast is ideal for those seeking a more personal and social experience.

    What is the difference between guest house, guest rooms, bed & breakfast (bā€™nb or b&b)?

    Bed and Breakfast, B&B, BnB, guest rooms, guest house, and guest homeall refer to accommodation options that provide a private bedroom and bathroom for guests, as well as breakfast in the morning.
    However, there can be some differences in how these terms are used and what they may offer :

    • Generally, a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is a small lodging establishment with no more than 10 rooms, and it is usually run by the owner who lives on the premises. A B&B typically provides a more intimate and personalized experience for guests, as they often interact with the owner and other guests in common areas.
    • Guest house and guest home may refer to larger establishments that offer more rooms and more amenities than a typical B&B, but still have a homely and welcoming atmosphere.
    • Guest rooms is a more generic term that can refer to private bedrooms within various types of lodging establishments, such as hotels or rental homes.
    • B'nB is a term that is often used interchangeably with B&B, but it may also refer to short-term rental accommodations that provide a private bedroom and bathroom for guests, without the requirement of offering breakfast.
    Overall, these terms are used to describe lodging establishments that provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for travelers, but the differences may depend on specific regional nuances and the preferences of individual owners.

    What is the difference between holiday rentals, holiday lettings (holiday let) or vacation rentals?

    Vacation rental, holiday rental, and holiday letting all refer to the same type of accommodation, which is a property that is rented out to travelers for short-term stays during their vacations or holidays.
    However, there may be some regional differences in how these terms are used :

    • Vacation rental is commonly used in North America, while holiday rental and holiday letting are more commonly used in the UK and Australia.
    • Additionally, holiday letting may imply that the rental property is managed by a letting agency, while vacation rental and holiday rental may refer to properties that are managed by individual property owners.
    Overall, the terms are largely interchangeable and the differences are mainly based on regional preferences and nuances.

    Are there cottages or guest houses in the Dordogne, in the Perigord, with WIFI?

    Yes, there are many cottages and bed and breakfasts in Dordogne, in the PĆ©rigord region, that offer Wi-Fi for guests. In fact, most rental properties in the area are equipped with Wi-Fi, as it has become an essential amenity for travelers. With Wi-Fi, guests can stay connected with loved ones back home, plan their itinerary, or work remotely while enjoying their vacation in one of the most beautiful regions of France. In Mons & Merveilles, the cottage and guest rooms have WIFI and guests can have it free of charge.

    Are there cottages or guest houses in the Dordogne, in the Perigord, with swimming pool?

    Yes, there are many cottages and bed and breakfast in Dordogne, in the PĆ©rigord region, that offer swimming pools for guests. A private pool is a desirable feature for many travelers, especially during the warm summer months. Some properties may have shared pools, while others may have private pools for exclusive use by guests. A pool provides the perfect opportunity to relax and cool off after a day of exploring the beautiful Dordogne region, making it an excellent addition to any vacation rental property. Mons & Merveilles has a heated swimming pool for its guests of the cottage and guest rooms.

    A few definitions...

    Cottage: Holiday accommodation, furnished apartment or house, fully equipped for total independence and offered for vacation rental.
    Guest house:: House with several guest rooms for rent for the holidays.

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